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With hereby we would like to introduce our company. Our company as the Crewing Agency. Mainly supplying Indonesian fisherman for foreign fishing companies. We have intensive qualified experienced crews ready to join the vessels (Long liner, Trawler, Purse seiner, etc). We, Pt. solomindo Pacific Int’l has been more than 17 (Seventeen) year supplying Indonesian fisherman for foreign fishing vessels operating in Spain, France, Italy, Hawaii, reunion island, Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji , Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Yemen, Cape Town, New Caledonia, Mauritius, Tonga, Aberdeen, etc.


Since the formation and establishment PT . Solomindo Pacific Internasional on June 23 , 2001 in the presence of a notary Abdul Rahman Saleh, SH.MH, The director led by Mr. Eman Suherman, SH.MH flying its flag for its operations in the field or manning the ship manning agency for foreign vessels , especially for fishing vessels.

Armed with the knowledge gained and experience previously working in the company long enough crewing agency , it is not difficult for Mr. Eman Suherman , SH.MH for expand its business in the same field in the field of ship manning agency.

Perseverance and discipline and the ability to manage a company that is always used as the main part by Mr. Eman Suherman , SH. MH As a director who always keep the belief in any relationship or owner ship and also to the sailors , proof that PT . Solomindo Pacific Internasional is now one of Manning Agency are much in demand by the sailors who want and channeled through our company.

Since its establishment in 2001, PT . Solomindo Pacific Internasional already thousands of crew members who have joined the channeled and foreign companies in various countries ( Spain, France, Italy, Hawaii, reunion island, Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji , Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Yemen, Cape Town, New Caledonia, Mauritius, Tonga, Aberdeen, etc ).

PT . Solomindo Pacific Internasional in recruiting sailors , always keeping quality in maintaining the trust and continuity of good cooperation with foreign fishing companies , the quality and experience - the experience of the sailors have always been a priority so that foreign companies be satisfied that brought sailors who are ready and propesional at work. This is one of the principles of PT . Solomindo Pacific Internasional in cooperation with foreign companies, namely propesional and provide the best servise.

PT . Solomindo Pacific Internasional until now remained exsis in the operations , even with the quality of the sailors who always kept to increase confidence , now PT . Solomindo Pacific Internasional got a lot of confidence of foreign companies abroad.

Our Licences

" SIUPPAK NO. 129. 14. TAHUN 2019"

" ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFICATION "



" Trust is the main capital in cooperation and good service are the responsibility should come first. "


" Life is something longed for every eligible citizen, let's help the mariners indonesia with an opportunity to improve their welfare work and help government to reduce unemployment. "

Our Team

Eman Suherman, SH, MH.


Toni Hamdani, SE


Dian Indrawati, S.Kom





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